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A member of iDEA Group, a technology engineering group specializing in machine design and manufacturing,
Leading in research and development of high technology such as robots, AGV autonomous vehicles, vending machines, IoT devices.
Automation equipment for manufacturing and industrial plants 4.0. Designing and manufacturing jigs for car, semiconductor and industrial industries.
As the leading corporation in Vietnam with a team of design engineers for Japan, the US has a large number of over 250 people out of 340 employees.
There is a factory for precision engineering and machine manufacturing, with a high internal rate. Ability to do from concept to design, processing, manufacturing complete products.

IDEA Group includes member companies:

Joint ventures:

Vija Technology JSC: Vietnam precision mechanical processing factory
ACE Technology JSC: Joint venture with Japan on machinery design.

A technology and service corporation, in which 2 member companies are Science and Technology Enterprises.
With over 500 employees including joint ventures, over 75% are graduated from engineers, well-trained at home and abroad.

The main market of the company

Japan, USA, Thailand, Malaysia. Vietnam. With over 150 customers after 10 years of operation.

Key products and services

High quality, Japanese technology.

01. Design support services according to JIS standards
02. Precision mechanical processing, manufacturing jigs
03. Designing and manufacturing automation machines and production equipment.
04. Research and develop manufacturing robots, AGV self-propelled vehicles
05. Technical services, trade, training consultancy, providing design engineers


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