Vending Machine

ICoco vending machines

iCoco is an exclusive developed vending machine brand of IDEA GROUP

With strength in mastering technology, understanding business methods and consumer psychology, iCoco is not only a basic vending machine but also an optimal sales solution with intelligent business management, modern. Especially very effective in today’s digital technology era 4.0.

With Slogan “UPGRADING UTILITIES, INCREASING LIFE” iCoco is integrated more diversity variety of utilities, remote management support with outstanding features, ease of use and modern design to meet all needs of customers.

Quality is always our top priority. We are very proud to be a Vietnamese enterprise pioneering in commercial production and fully mastering this product line technology. From there, we believe that we will bring the most suitable products and best services to our customers.

For more information please contact:

Hotline/Zalo:  0931477868




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